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Eye Level of Sugarloaf is the learning center you can trust-every step of the way! We will quickly respond to your request and can guarantee that our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side at every phase of the program. Do not wait another day to start improving your child’s Math and English skills! To hear more about our high impact after school program, give us a call today!



At Eye Level Learning Center of Sugarloaf, we strive to empower our future leaders. Your child is the key to unlocking a brand new world and we work tirelessly to ensure they are equipped for the journey. Through our self-directed learning philosophy and individualized curriculum, we focus on developing pristine Math, English, and Critical Thinking skills that translate to academic excellence as well as practical intellect. Because we personalize our Math and English programs to cater to his or her specific needs, your child will develop a strong base to progress to new heights! At Eye Level, your child will learn to enhance their competency as well as curiosity, to become Problem Solvers and Lifelong Learners.


We are proud of the reputation we have developed over the years, here at Sugarloaf Eye Level. Our instructors are committed to helping your child achieve their dreams. We will develop individualized learning plans to further enhance the strengths and solidify the improvement areas of your child. We focus on the small details, to ensure that parents are given frequent updates on the progression of their children. Give us the opportunity to show you how rewarding our self-directed learning programs can be to help improve your child’s Math, English, and Critical Thinking skills.










The class has helped my child to do well in reading and writing.
--Edu Okpok

My children have been going to Eye Level for 3 years. I have seen tremendous growth in their education. My kids are getting smarter each day in Math. My son is also enrolled in English and again has been doing well as a result. I wish I could keep them enrolled In Eye Level until college. My family will continue in Eye Level while we are financially able. Thank You!
--Mr. & Mrs. Germain

My son has gone to Eye Level Sugarloaf for the past 2 years. I strongly believe that I made a very good decision by enrolling him in Eye Level. He is improving day by day and getting straight A's in all subjects. Thank you so much for the wonderful services.
--Proud Parent

I am very happy with Eye Level. The children are getting good exercises, especially in math and english. The teachers are very good, experienced and helpful. I would highly recommend Eye Level to all kids.
--Amber Syed


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Eye Level of Sugarloaf
4955 Sugaloaf Parkway, Suite 118
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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